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A bit about what we are saying – Fresh’shrooms aim to achieve true sustainable food production by utilising the unique properties of mushrooms as a food source. The company was set up by an ex South – African mushroom farmer.

With the increase of obesity and resultant health problems in the UK, they believe that mushrooms provide a very straightforward solution to this growing problem. Fresh’shrooms utilise waste cereal and agroforestry  products and turn them into a healthy source of protein, suitable for human consumption, whilst providing all of the essential amino-acids. They have no fat, are low in calories and have high satiety properties.

Fresh’shrooms focus on the complete farming model. They create employment by growing the product and put back into the environment, eg. good compost and adding further value to the basic mushroom, by making high quality food.

Fresh’shrooms first sales will start with Durham and Sunderland local schools as early as April 2012. The University of Newcastle will also be undertaking an Msc study starting next month on the intrinsic health benefits of the first of their products.

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Fun Guy

Fun Guy

Fun Guy is the ambassador for Fresh'shrooms and personifies all that is good about the wonderful world of edible mushrooms.