5 Interesting Mushroom facts


Hello all, we would like to give you some further info regarding the humble mushroom and the benefits of this wonderful fungi with some great little factoids. Whatever your favourite is —Oyster, crimini, enoki, portobello, shiitake or white button—all edible mushrooms are loaded with essential nutrients and good for you.

Fact 1 - They contain vitamin D and are the only fruit or vegetable Continue reading

The making of a legend…

Freshshrooms 'Shroom RollHello readers here is our first large run and batch of the soon to be world famous ‘Shroom Rolls by Fresh’shrooms! Master of Mushrooms Mike Botha overseeing the first large production which will be going into North East schools.

I bet the kids can’t wait to get their hands on these yummy little goodies at break time…


Help us…

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We have joined a great new competition about sustainability…please add a comment on this website to help us HERE

A bit about what we are saying – Fresh’shrooms aim to achieve true sustainable food production by utilising the unique properties of mushrooms as a food source. The company was set up by an ex South – African mushroom farmer.

With the increase of obesity and resultant healt Continue reading

Well Hello world!

Welcome to a world of mushroom fun...

Well hello world and welcome to our new website, we will fill you in with all things Fresh’shrooms right here and also inform you about our new products and general facts about our favourite food – MUSHROOMS!

There is a lot more to mushrooms than you think, watch and learn…for example did you know that Mushrooms are one of the highest antioxidant foods in the world, in the same league as Continue reading